Friday, May 1, 2009

Unexpected Holidays!

Texas is great for unexpected holidays! Since we have lived here, our lives have been stunned several times by mother nature: Lots of rain and flooding in the house when we first moved here (our back door was not properly fitted); of course, hurricane IKE turned life upside down for a while; and then, on Tuesday, after a night of constant rain, our area had quite a bit of flooding!

Clint left for clinicals, as usual at 6am, and I started to exercise. After he left, I turned on the radio to hear them talking about the flooding that was occuring all over the city. There were people calling in from their cars, stuck in some river in a street somewhere. There were people calling from their houses that were flooded (Clint's classmate, George, had about 6 inches of water wash through his home! Sad!)...I became quite nervous for Clint out there in the ECHO!...But, relief came when he walked back through the door about 1/2 an hour later. He never made it past the main intersection off of our neighborhood - the streets were totally flooded! UNEXPECTED HOLIDAY!! Yeah!

So, after getting the boys dressed and a little fed, we set out in the stroller to assess the situation! It was pretty fun to adventure out in the drizzly day...On our way up the street we came across a few crawfish floating down in the water! We played with them and teased them! (Grandpa Wendel was jealous that we have crawfish all around - He wondered why we didn't take them home and eat them - Yeah, we are not fans! But the "mud bugs" are fun to play with.)

The intersection by our neighborhood was completely under water! We stood on the CVS lawn and watched cars trying to go through it - I would NOT be trying that with our cars! It was also cool to watch Clint wade across the river to Walgreens for a Redbox movie - (we watched two movies! I love unexpected holidays!!).

After the ants found us and started to bite our legs (Jerks!), we headed home and enjoyed the rest of the day together.

I am so grateful for my family and little special natural disasters that force us to spend the day together!

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  1. That sounds like a good memory. At work we have a "hotline" to call and see if work has been cancelled. I've called it lots of times but still haven't been lucky enough for my own little unexpected holiday. But, with the tornadoes and icestorms here it is bound to happen (I just hope the outcome is as good). :)