Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Curtis turned 3!

I can't believe my baby is 3 years old already!! It seems like just yesterday that we found out we were FINALLY pregnant!...Now he is so fun and such a joy to our lives!

Some of the best parts about having Curtis around are: His very imaginative stories that he likes to tell, his recaps of fun stuff that we get to do together, he's a great help with Ben sometimes (plays with him, doesn't run off when he "gets to walk" alongside mom at the grocery store - we are hoping Ben also grows out of that run-away phase!), & he is very good at hugs and kisses!

For his big day (well, it was really spread out over the week), we were able to go to CiCi's Pizza together with Daddy, he received "Up" the movie, a great race car from Grandma Westaway, a little $ from Grandpa Wendel, a play jet, some bubbles, a play cash register, and a new pet fish! We were able to hang out with a few of his friends for some snacks and play-time, and we ate the horsey cake with them. (This was my first try at any type of fondant. It is marshmellow fondant over a dense chocolate cake with chocolate ganache in the middle - I think it turned out pretty yummy and super cute! The future of cool birthday cakes is bright!!). Curtis had such a great birthday that he still asks us each morning if it is his birthday again?! Too bad we can't have birthdays every day!

I also had to throw in this sweet picture of Ben and Abby. It was at Abby's house that Ben got to stay when we were in the hospital with Curtis, and apparently, these two get along quite well...She is such a little cutie! I am thinking "arranged marriage"??!!


  1. Great job on the bake!!! Glad that Curtis had a happy birthday!

  2. Is the fish still alive? Good job on the cake! I wish I could've had a bite (I really enjoyed Ben's bug cakes). :)