Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Good Morning!

Well, here we go....My friends have been telling me I should start a blog for a while now. I thought that it would be useless since I would only have complaining and boring things to post on it...But, a few forces have seemed to combine this morning to push me into doing one of my own: My little son Ben's sickness, my oldest son's expanding vocabulary and suprising episodes each and every day, Sister VanLeuven at church, and Dr. Laura Schlessinger.

First, a little about me. I am a partial stay-at-home-mom, with the aspiration to be a full SAHM soon. I am the mom of two little boys - ages 1 and 2, and they keep my life very full and busy! My husband is in school to become a CRNA, due to graduate next May (2010), when our plan is for me to get to quit my job (I currently work weekend nights as an ICU nurse - mostly for health insurance, but it also helps to cover most of the bills) and get my weekends back so we can have some real family time and fun with friends again. Yeah! I can't wait! Everyday I think about starting a count-down chain.

It took us a while to get our first kid - Curtis. We went through all the infertility treatments and finally got him after five years of trying. He is such a handsome little fellow...Then, Ben suprised us just a year after that. They are pretty fun, lots of work, and a huge responsibility! I am currently struggling to feel like a good mom and hoping that I am not screwing them up too much. I really don't think I have any clue about how to teach them right and bring them up proper, but I want to do my best. I want them to know that I love this adventure as their mom.

Hence, the blog this morning.

On the exercise bike at 5am this morning, reading Dr. Laura's new book "In Praise of Stay-at-Home-Moms" (thanks to my own Mom for sending it to me!), it all came together....Yesterday, Ben woke up from his nap obviously feeling lousy. He wouldn't eat, smile, move...Later he ended up vomitting all over me. I realized this was the first time I have had to deal with vomit from my own children - so lucky! I felt like I should remeber the date and mark it down as a milestone or something...But there is not a place for "First vomit on Mom" in either of their babybooks...Then, I was telling Clint (my wonderful husband) about Curtis's new words yesterday, and wished that I could be remembering all of his quirky phrases and discoveries. Sister VanLeuven at church on Sunday was telling me that the phase that Curtis is in now is one of her favorites to experience with her children - When they learn to speak and when they learn to read. It made me think that I should enjoy this time more....Then, reading Dr. Laura's book, I felt this strong desire to really enjoy this adventure in mothering. I hope that I can portray to my kids that this is a priviledge to be with them and that I am trying my best to show them love and enjoy the journey. My hope is that someday they will be able to read these words and know that I loved being their mom (even if I wasn't perfect and didn't do everything right)...And, that by writing down my daily thoughts and occurances, I will be more able to focus on all the many blessings in my life.

So, my goals are to write about all the fun, neat, hair-raising, and touching events that may be in our future. I don't want to use this blog to complain. I don't want to babble about boring things. But, hopefully I will be able to fill it with some meaningful adventures that I should write down somewhere. And that it will be nice for my boys to read someday if they ever want to know how much their mom loves them.

We'll see how it turns out! Have a nice day.

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  1. Hi! This is April Youngblood from church :) Well, actually since I work the weekends I only see you at baby showers or kid birthday parties. I just found your blog and I hope you don't mind me reading. Your family is so cute and I would love to keep up with you guys.