Saturday, August 15, 2009

Our Little Summer Vacation and The Story of the "Legumectomy"

So, I been a total slacker, I know...But, we have been up to some fun things this summer:
We were able to go to SanAntonio with the Gilgen family for some Sea World the first day and the next morning, a set of brand new tires on our Forester (Mark helped us realize they were about two seconds away from blowing out)...Dairy Queen was on the must-do list next, and then we headed to Austin to play at Zylker Park. The natural springs there were pretty slimey and gross, but still an experience we won't soon forget (Clint actually slipped on the moss and went all the way under, while holding Curtis! Needless to say, that was the last of Curtis's time in the water that day!)...But, the best day of our little vacation was the day at Lake Travis with the Gilgens. The boys had a blast playing in the mud, swimming in the murkey water, and playing in the sunshine (Ben took a little nap...Curtis ran away a few times - his favorite thing to do!). It was sooo nice just hanging out in the sand. Mark and Laura even volunteered to watch the boys while Clint and I swam out to a distant island in the lake. Getting away, pushing your muscles that you hardly ever use, and being with your sweetheart (even for just 15 minutes) can really help fill your bucket when you are stressed, tired, and hot....Thanks Gilgens for a wonderful trip! (And some great pictures!)

Now, a story that Curtis will hear about for the rest of his life:
See those little, tiny nostrils? >>>>>>>>>>
Curtis has always had ity bity nostrils. I still can't fit the smallest infant suction bulb in them when he is stuffy and could benefit from some snot sucking...Well, about the last week of June, Grandma and Grandpa were still staying with us (thankfully). Curtis was playing in the kitchen while I was cooking something. He found a bean that had escaped from the ones that him and Grandma had been sorting and playing with earlier in the week. I saw him find it and then hold it up to his nose as if he was smelling it. He said "I found a bean! I can stick beans in my nose." (One of the dinosaur books that we have has them sticking beans in their noses)...And I said: "Yeah. Don't stick it in your nose Curtis". Well, then he was off playing somewhere else...I didn't see him put it up his nose, but I never found it again either.
So, that evening the boys were more cranky than usual. I decided that it might be fun to take them swimming for a bit (because I had to take advantage of having Grandma there to help while I could still!). We only lasted at the pool for about 15 minutes. Curtis was so grouchy and continued to cry and throw fits for the rest of the evening...He woke up crying a couple of times throughout the night as well. By morning and another cry fest during our morning walk, I was convinced that he had another earache. I didn't want to take him to the doctor yet, but I was toying with starting the antibiotic drops that we were given when he got the tubes placed in his ear for any future infections...
A little later that morning, as I was changing his diaper, I noticed that he had a big-looking booger in his nostril. I'm sure, as most mothers do, I couldn't help but try to pluck it out...Well, it was not soft and squishy as I had expected, and when I pinched his nose, that side was harder than the other...It was the bean!...I shouted for Grandma to help me hold Curtis while I tried to get it out (I had memories of when Kirk stuck a bean up his nose - how often does this happen? Seriously!? - and I didn't want to have to go to ER like we did with Kirk...So, I was a little worried...) It wasn't obvious that there was really anything foreign in there and Clint's parents didn't really believe that there was a bean up there (I also had to call in Grandpa to hold his head while Grandma was at the legs and I could go at him with the hemastat tweezers!) Well, after a lot of screaming, pinching and maneuvering...out popped a big white bean! WOW! I was worried it would tear his little nostrils. It had swollen with all the swimming and time...Poor kid! Boy did we really lay in on him about not sticking things up his nose...And, I still think he remembers to this day....I am grateful that I had the mother's intuition (and probably a lot of divine inspiration) to know that it was a bean indeed, and to go after it with avengance. Could you imagine if it had remained for longer and started to sprout or something? Yikes! Crazy kid!


  1. How funny... and scary. I don't know what I would have done in the same situation. Good thing you got it out though!

  2. I am glad you got some fun play time with family and rejuvinating! I am rethinking eating white beans again anytime soon...thank you for that Curtis!

  3. Every kid should experience all the joys of beans. Thanks for the honorable mention! :)