Tuesday, August 18, 2009


I was reading in "Parenting Magazine" this morning about how novel everything is to kids and how they can be fascinated with the most basic things that we may take for granted. Well, that reminded me of another cute thing that Curtis did recently:

My brother Kirk just got married two weekends ago. (I am still so grateful to him for forcing us to take another little vacation!) Clint took three days off of clinicals and we decided to leave at 5am on the Wednesday that we left so that the boys would be too sleepy for a few hours to give us too much grief on the 10 hour drive to Oklahoma. We packed the car and got everything ready to head out the door before we woke them up. It was hard to pluck the little angels from their slumbers (of course, they are sweet while they are far far away in dreamland!), but they were suprisingly cheerful and eager to be on an adventure.

As we ran in and out to get the last little things that we'd forgotten, Curtis stood by the car and waited his turn to be put into his seat. All of a sudden, as if he thought they were always just make-believe, he pointed at the sky and said: "Stars!" We put him in his carseat and for about the first 15 minutes of the drive he was looking out of the window, saying over and over again: "Stars!"......."Stars!"......It was so cute the way he said it, like he couldn't believe his eyes. Clint and I realized that he is usually in bed before it is dark and gets up after the sun does.

There is still so much for him to discover, and I am happy that I get to witness it with him....well, maybe most of the time...hopefully.

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  1. I am still amazed by the stars...kids are great for making us see the small and simple things from a differant perspective.